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Polridmouth Cove near Fowey

Swimming and relaxing at secret Polridmouth Cove

Looking for a little local secret? Walk just a little further and discover Polridmouth beach: a lovely place to spend your day.

Of course, there are beaches where you can park your car just a few steps away from the sand. Unfortunately, many of these beaches are inundated with people of a like-mind, and sharing the beach with just a few too many sun worshippers can take the edge off what would otherwise be a perfect day.

Fortunately, there is Polridmouth (pronounced Pridmuth). You can walk to this beach along the coastal path in around 30-40 minutes (depending on your pace) from Fowey. So pack a bag with some beach gear, drinks and something to eat and set off for Polridmouth.

To find the beach, head out of Fowey towards Readymoney Cove but keep going, ascending the path on the far side of the beach until you reach the top of the hill; then follow the signs for the coastal path.

Thrown in for free along the way are the wonderful views of the coastline and sea, which you can't directly see from Fowey. Take your time, stop for a breather, take in the view - the day is yours to enjoy.

As you descend the path to the beach you'll find yourself walking along a concrete barrage which holds back a pretty lake. There are places to sit on the beach just here, but we recommend going just a bit further on as the beach curves around the far side of the cove. Here you can sit either on the rocks, sand or grass, and there's plenty of shelter if it's a breezy day.

But wait for the real magic of Polridmouth to arrive as the tide starts to go out. At the lower end of the tide, you'll see revealed a long stretch of shallow water with a golden sandy bottom that is distinctly warmer than the sea you'll find elsewhere. You can wade out a long way, and the swimming is relatively safe (as ever, ensure you keep within your personal depth and distance safety zone, and be mindful of your children at all times). You will also find lots of interesting rock pools to explore both on the west and east side of the cover.

You can also approach Polridmouth by boat, as there is plenty of easy anchoring in the sandy bottom. Do approach slowly and carefully, as swimmers will come out further than you expect because of the shallow water.

The alternative, but less attractive, approach to Polridmouth is from Hamblands car park at Menabilly (after Polkerris turning). The beach is about 10 minutes' walk from here along a rough footpath.