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How We Will Help You

We want to partner with you to create self-catering holidays that don't just meet your guests' expectations, but bring them back year after year.

Success in letting your holiday property shouldn't be a matter of good luck. We have a nine-point systematic approach to working with you that is designed to help you meet your investment objectives – and provide great experiences for your guests.


If you're considering the purchase of a holiday let property, talk to us first. We can help you understand its income potential, as well as the types of guests who will enjoy using it. We can also offer advice on what might make the property more attractive to your guests, including any sensible expenditure that could enhance this. We know that buying a holiday let property is a difficult decision, particularly if it's your first. Lean on our experience to make it the right one for you.


It's all too easy to spend your hard-earned holiday let income on improving your property. We can help you invest in the things that make a real difference to your guests' experiences, and avoid spending money on other things that don't really help. When you sign up with us, we'll work together on a plan of action that's right for you and your property. This might be a little or a lot, but it will have a clear focus on the real priorities and, of course, your budget. Sometimes we might simply recommend how your property is marketed, how the existing furnishings are placed, or some little touches you can make to ensure your guests feel particularly welcome.

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Any property is not suitable for every guest. So our philosophy is to attract the right guests for your property. If we do this, they're much more likely to have a great holiday experience, and a happy stay. We know that this also significantly reduces the likelihood of a complaint, many of which are caused by a simple mismatch between the property and its guest. This means that we'll work with you to understand the kinds of guests you want to attract, ensure that this fits with your property, and recommend any changes you can make to attract these guests. As before, sometimes this will be simply be an adjustment to how your property is marketed or its pricing, while sometimes this might require changes to the property facilities or fittings. Whatever it is, we will work with you to get it right.


We believe that each holiday let is unique - in location, property type, decor, or even those little touches that make the difference. In our experience, guests on holiday have more time to notice the details, and focusing on these can often make a holiday that bit more memorable or enjoyable. We know the small considerations that stand out – the entertainment you provide to pass the occasional wet day, or the kind of books that people like to read when they're on holiday time. Buckets and spades for the beach and lines for crabbing all make for that little extra; it's these things that people often remember over the number of bedrooms or bathrooms.


We know that money, and achieving sufficient income to cover your property overheads, maintenance and improvements, is important to you. It's also important to us, because we want to ensure our partnership is viable and sustainable for the long term. So we will have a serious discussion with you about pricing your property across the high and low seasons, as well as the mix of short breaks and weekly stays you can achieve. Most importantly, together we'll set a realistic target for the number of nights you can let across each season so that we can assess how things are going, and the adjustments needed to ensure we both hit the spot

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Our focus is very much on the local area around Fowey, rather than Cornwall as a whole. This means that we're well connected with our ears firmly to the ground in relation to what's happening in the holiday letting market. This gives us real-time, inside-track information on the supply of letting properties and the prices they are achieving, not just in terms of sale and purchase, but letting income potential. Sign up with us, and you'll benefit from our market intelligence.


We believe that feedback from your guests is just as valuable to you as the income from your holiday let. We'll help you to collect this by inviting each guest to give their views following their stay. We will also help you to interpret this, and translate it into actionable follow-up activities. Positive feedback is as helpful as the less positive. This might be simply be an adjustment to the property marketing to better set guest expectations, while sometimes it might be maintenance items. Sometimes it's about sharpening the focus on useful feedback from guests, reacting to the right points in the right way.


We believe in little and often to keep your property in top condition for your guests. We'll encourage you to adopt a sensible cycle for redecoration and the replacement of linen, towels, crockery and the other contents of your property. Doing this progressively ensures that your property maintains an overall good standard of repair, as well as helping to manage your cashflow. If we think there is a growing backlog of maintenance and replacement required, we will discuss how best to address this in order to maintain your guests' satisfaction as well as the letting potential of your property. We have an excellent network of tradespeople who can help with upkeep, and can help you to blend their work with the work you wish to do yourself.


We believe that your holiday property needs a sound plan for every letting season. The winter months are an ideal time to perform routine maintenance and redecoration, as well as a deep clean of your property. All of this needs careful planning to ensure that the right tradespeople are available when you need them, and any work required is planned around your letting commitments or personal use. In advance of the new season we will also review the marketing plan for the property (including market price adjustments) as well as improvements based on feedback received from your guests.