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Booking Terms & Conditions

Every holiday let arranged with us is subject to the terms of a contractual agreement we make with you on behalf of the property owner.

Your Holiday Let

As soon as you have agreed to these terms, signed the booking form and paid a deposit, your booking is confirmed and the terms of this contractual agreement apply.

When you have paid the total amount due and provided a security deposit, you and the other members of your party named on the Booking Form are entitled to occupy the holiday let property you have chosen on the dates you have selected.

Access to the property you have booked is strictly for holiday purposes only and is covered by paragraph 9 of Schedule 1 to the Housing Act 1988. Consequently, you do not have any other rights such as would be provided under an assured or other periodic tenancy.

Each member of your party is responsible for complying with the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The Property Owner's Responsibility and our role as Agents

We are acting as agents for the owner of the property that you have booked. Consequently, you understand that the owner is fully responsible to you for your stay at the property, and any liabilities that may arise as a result of your occupation of the property. The owner is also responsible to you for any supplemental services you have requested at the property, and for any refunds that may be due to you in the event of cancellation (see clause 5) or otherwise in connection with your stay.

Paying for your Holiday Let

This holiday letting agreement requires that you provide the following:

  • a deposit payment on signing the booking form;
  • the balance of the total payment due (including any pet charges) no later than 6 weeks prior to the beginning of your stay;
  • payment of all other costs in relation to any supplemental services requested when requested during the period of the stay; and
  • credit/debit card details for the amount of the security deposit against any damage caused during the stay, authorising us to make charges on behalf of the owner against this for damage reported.

In the event that the full balance due is unpaid six weeks prior to the beginning of your stay, or card details for the security deposit are not provided, we will consider that you have cancelled your booking and the provisions of the paragraph below, "If you cancel your stay", shall apply.

Your Party’s Obligations

In order to ensure that the property is maintained in good condition, it is a condition of this agreement that the members of your party:

  • maintain the interior of the property clean and tidy and otherwise in the same condition and decorative order throughout your stay such that at the end of your stay only normal cleaning is required to restore the condition it was in at your arrival;
  • report any significant defects or problems to the owner’s housekeeper or caretaker as soon as possible upon discovery;
  • refrain from using any tanning or other products that stain the bedding, towels, soft furnishings and carpets in the property;
  • keep any garden in the property rubbish free;
  • will not keep any animals anywhere on the property other than your pets specified on the booking form, and prevent your pets from causing damage to the interior of the property as well as to plants, shrubs, grass or flowers and promptly remove any pet faeces from the garden;
  • do not to make any alterations to the property or its garden, move items of furniture from the rooms they are placed in nor remove any item of furniture, equipment or fittings from the property;
  • do not transfer the booking to anyone else, nor permit anyone to stay at the property other than the members of your party named on the booking form;
  • will not cause a nuisance, disturbance or excessive noise that causes damage, offence, or inconvenience to the neighbours of adjacent properties;
  • permit the owner’s housekeeper, caretaker, cleaners or our agency staff and any persons authorised by them at all reasonable times (or at any time in the case of emergency) to enter the property to perform repairs or provide any supplemental services you have requested;
  • will only use the property for holiday purposes and not for any trade or business;
  • will not smoke or permit any visitor to smoke tobacco or any other substance (including the use of e-liquids or vaping) in the property; in the event that smoking or vaping takes place payment for additional cleaning to remove all odours will be deducted from the security deposit;
  • will not consume or allow any visitor to consume any drugs or any other substance which are, or become, prohibited or restricted by law at the property; and
  • will return the keys to the agent or leave them as otherwise directed.

If You Cancel your Stay

We understand that sometimes plans change, and that you might be unable to stay at the property as originally planned. You should consider purchasing suitable insurance to cover you against the costs you may incur in such eventualities; this is important because:

In the event that you have to cancel your stay after signing the booking form, we will try to re-let the property and if we are successful then the owner will refund to you the amount that you have paid to us minus a £50 administration fee to cover the cost of re-letting the property. However, If we are unable to re-let the property, we will not be able to refund any amounts you have paid and you/the members of your party will be liable for the total payment (including the balance if you have not yet paid it).

In the event that you are unable to get to the property for any reason, this will be also treated as a cancellation.

In the event that the property becomes unavailable for any reason, we will try to offer you a suitable alternative property. In the event that we are unsuccessful, the owner will provide a full refund to you which may be made via us as payment agent to you.

If You Don’t Comply with Your Obligations

If, during your stay, it comes to the notice of the owner, his housekeeper or the caretaker or us as agents that you have not complied with any of the obligations set out in the section above, "Your party's obligations", the owner, his housekeeper or caretaker, us or other authorised persons may enter the property and your party will be asked to vacate the property immediately.

Your party will be required to indemnify the owner against all costs, fines and penalties that may incurred by the owner as the result of any anything your party has done which is in breach of the terms of this agreement. These costs, fines and penalties will be charged against the security deposit with any amounts in excess of this settled by you subsequently.

Accuracy of information provided to you

As agents, we try to ensure that all details supplied in relation to the Property are as accurate as possible, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the property description as from time to time the Owner may make changes to the furniture, equipment and décor.

We also try to provide information that is helpful to you in enjoying your holiday; however, as the accuracy of this information is highly dependent on information provided by third parties, consequently we cannot guarantee that this information is complete, accurate or up to date.

Protecting your party and their possessions

The Owner and we as Agents otherwise exclude all liability to the extent permitted by law but do not seek to exclude death or personal injury arising from the Owner’s or our negligence or any other matter for which it is not permissible by law to exclude.

Governing Law

The Contract will be governed by the law of England and Wales and disputes will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.